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News interpreters

Maybe I just didn’t sleep well last night but I got up in a funk.  I keep asking myself how we escape this hideous constriction… The critical elements that make a society viable: a sense of fairness, community, prosperity; all of the Judeo-Christian ethics we felt were rooted in the Constitution… those things are now being squashed by the news interpreters, including the so-called social media.  The corruption of the election; the corruption of teachers unions and the curriculum fed to the children; the corruption of politicians like biden, swalwell, pelosi and schumer; the cancel culture.  YouTube will not show videos suggesting a fraudulent election.  We all know the hiding of the biden scandal before the election was criminal behavior.  Do you think for a minute if it were democrats screaming voter fraud, that there wouldn’t be court injunctions, massive media wailing and the overturning of election results…? Not to mention riots and looting.

In spite of the pleading to see past this division; that things change and what is a crises today will be a footnote 10 years from now, I cannot see how we survive.  Sorry.  We are in a spiral and the crush of the evil python will finish us off.  

I apologize to my grandchildren and their children.  We knew this was happening and stood aside…

See why I need a sabbatical…? or at least a PS 5…

  © Robert Graham