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Well sort of… Earlier this year amidst the crisis of covid, we ventured out into the unclean world, to a furniture store and bought some new living room stuff.  Much if not most of what we own is tattered and worn, some perhaps from when we had children; or at least toddling grand children.  The purchase was so long ago, we were shocked when the store called to schedule delivery.  So today is the day.  It’s only two recliners and a couch but we had to clear the old to make room for the new.  Not such an easy task.  The usual takers of donations of unwanted stuff, are in lock down or only schedule in the long term for pickup, but Mei Mei in her persistence located a couple of college boys and a truck… I think its a company but in any case for a nominal fee they took away the stuff.

IMG 2487

Room actually looks pretty good.  No place for guests to sit but…  More later…

I keep alive the hope that the American Voter will have the intelligence to reject the democrat governance as unacceptable to civilized man and our Nation.  But stories like this one keep coming to my attention.  It seems a Michigan B&B had to remove a Norwegian Flag from the front of their establishment because people kept confusing it with the Confederate flag and they were losing business not to mention the harassing phone calls


I think you can understand my pessimism.

The State of Zimbabwe is paying $3.5B to farmers whose property was illegally seized back in the Mugabe days several decades ago.  Not only does Zimbabwe not have that kind of money to pay out but those of the farmers who were not murdered outright by raging mobs of the proletariat, have long since passed away.  

The liberal push against Hydroxychloroquine is a raging stupidity that belies belief.  I think this cartoon best summarizes the issue:


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