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If you missed the fact that Tiger won the Masters, you had to be hiding under a rock.  I watched it as did Scott, commenting along on WhatsApp.  The post-round interviews were full of the "what was going through your mind questions”… I give him as much credit for surviving the press questions as for winning the tournament.  Anyway, good for him.

Next Sunday, Easter Sunday, happens to also be the weekend for a massive concert in VB.  The city is expecting thousands of attendees.  We are wondering about the impact on our downtown Church.  VB doesn’t like publicity that diminishes the image of a family friendly tourist destination, so we can count on a heavy police presence and strict enforcement.  That could be a an explosive environment when mixed with the current genre of music concerts and their fans.

With respect to the Electoral college and the demand for its elimination by mindless, Constitutionally ignorant, I refer you to this cartoon.  I had to ponder a bit before I got it. 


My taxes were submitted and accepted by the IRS.  As was my check.  Still haven’t filed the State which will also be a check. I owe, I owe…

Green is the prevalent color… The sneeze is the prevalent reaction.  When we drove up to Petersburg last Friday, the visibility was actually hazy green due to the swirling sheets of pollen. 

If you replace “W” with “T” in What, Where and When, you get the answer to all three….

And finally:



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