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Nice weekend

In the long run, the climate cooperated and the Music festival, “Something in the Water” was an unqualified success.  I had feared that the rap genre might not comport well with relatively conservative VaBch.  Traffic and rowdy crowds could easily result in a combustible mixture.  Not so however.  The whole thing went swimmingly at least from our hidey hole several miles from ground zero. With the first day completely washed out by the monsoons, it is a tribute to the organizers and local officials that all went well.

We sort of participated in the festivities by having the Kuhns for an early impromptu dinner during which we sang songs of praise to PDT and derided his detractors… Some "water of life" was consumed.

In retrospect, it is clear that Mueller had to know there was no collusion from the early days of the in depth probe.  He couldn’t even force the evidence with heavy handed threats of imprisonment of close associates. Given his intimacy with the FBI, he probably knew for sure before he even started.  His true objective was to protect the beloved cult of incestuous weak kneed democrats who infest the DOJ and FBI whose true nature was becoming altogether too visible.   So in spite of his much ballyhooed reputation for integrity, he he pulled every thread he could reach to get PDT on obstruction.  And when he could’t square the circle, instead of admitting his failure, he he cowardly folded his hand in such a way that congressional idiots could draw evil inference.

It would appear that we of the righteous right are now putting our faith and hope in a report from the IG and DOJ that will take down the left in the same way democrats wanted Mueller’s report to take down the right.  I suspect we will achieve about the same satisfaction… 

It looks as if the three dogs we were about to rescue may not be coming.  Hopefully it means the family who had to give them up has found a happy resolution.  

Sorry.  This is the best I could do this morning.


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