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Nice weekend

The weather was terrible but it was great having the kids visit.  Sorry it ended too soon.  Ashlyn's team came in 4th.  She was quite the trooper hanging in there while suffering the flu.  Steve put together the deck heater they gave us for Christmas.  It is a huge assembly.  I was going to get a night time photo last night but failed.  Maybe tonight. Steve and Mike clamored up ladders to repair a detached gutter over the garage.  Good stuff.

It’s difficult to comment on the politics of the day.  Same old story over and over.  The democrats do and get away with things normal people go to jail for.  The hypocrisy is just taken for granted.  The reality check is the supreme court and that is very, very tenuous.  The DOJ and Federal Law enforcement stand as a mockery to any concept of justice.   The sanctuary advocates defy law; the gender melding, caucasian blaming mindless liberals just hate; the democrat party and their mouthpieces among the news interpreters endorse it all,  These are the kind of conditions that promise insurrection and civil conflict.  This country doesn’t need external enemies.  We will take it apart on our own.


We woke to an incredible mess this morning.  One of the dogs, most likely Halley, got very very sick last night and left huge puddles of vomit and other liquid waste everywhere. It took us an hour of gagging cleanup just to get the majority of the stuff out of the house.  We are still using two rug cleaners and gallons of cleansing agents to wipe up and sanitize.  Good that the kids didn’t have to experience that.  Sigh…

Busy week ahead.  I don’t even see a nap window.  

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