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No Fall...

The climate this morning is delightful. My watch shows the time to be 64 degrees, sunny and clear.  The time also indicates my pulse is 79 BPM and I have no signs of AFIB.  Strange world we live in.

The Romans were known for their barbarity.  They executed people, particularly Christians, in ways too horrible to imagine.  ISIS roasted people alive by suspending them over fires; they sealed them in iron cages and submerged the cage; they kidnapped and made sex slaves of women; mass beheadings were a norm. They made the Romans look like amateurs.

 The leader of this group was Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.  When confronted at the end of tunnel, he destroyed himself and three of his children.  The New York Times described his demise this way:


I guess he identified as a humanitarian and father of the year.

Apparently PDT failed to notify key democrats about the impending raid by US Special Forces against the particular horror of al-Baghdadi.  Such notifications are required unless there are special circumstances which must be explained.  Predictably, the left are screaming foul.  But my guess, and I have no special insight, is that PDT knew that the stinking democrats would have called ISIS on a hot line to warn them to prevent any semblance of a Trump positive.  Special circumstances indeed.

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