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No good very bad day 

Roscoe as been having trouble getting up because is rear legs are weak and the process is painful.  Yesterday we took him to the vet because of a growth on his eyelid.  In the process of getting ing out of the car, his condition worsened to the point he could barely walk.  After the vet visit, we got him home but his rear legs just gave up the ghost.  The struggle to get him back in the house took a toll on all of us.  Somehow we managed to get him into the bedroom last night and he slept through the night.  Then this morning he really needed to get out but it was impossible.  Fortunately Joe came over and helped me carry him and he peed for a full 30 seconds.  It wasn’t until we got him back in the house that his bowels let go.  Enough said about that.  He is still vital and alert.  Not ready to go yet so we will do what we have to do to keep him comfortable.  Needless to say my morale is not high.

The irrationality of the democrats over the possibility that the Roe decision may be reversed is horrifying.  They rage and riot over things that are not and won’t be.  But that doesn’t matter because the rage is an end into itself.  If they were given everything they demanded they would still rage and scream because it isn’t enough… They will be that way until there is nothing left.  And will they ever wonder why…?

  © Robert Graham