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No Rants

Having watched old man Phil win the PGA tournament, I have little to whine about this morning. We will be visiting that same resort but probably not that golf course later in June.  But just watching brings this challenge to mind:

IMG 4505

Ruby goes on the adoption list today.  Fingers crossed.

The mask nazis seem to be in retreat.  For some reason we can now go maskless in restaurants but the staff still wears masks.  Church is now mask free and even Walmart, both places of worship.  

Roscoe, our magnificent boy, is approaching 14 and has slowed noticeably   He eats less and sleeps more.  I, on the other hand, eat more and sleep less.  Of course he is a life long democrat but even so very pure of heart.  My heart needs a pacemaker so make your own judgement about the purity.

Mike didn’t send me this one but he would have if he had seen it first:

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