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I am a very progressive voice.  After all I was an early Prius adopter.  I share Mike’s horror of vegetable abuse. The boiling of potatoes, the skinning of onions, the flaying of wheat… all abominations of course. But I am afraid I will never get the concept of post assignment gender confusion.  In my vast number of observatory years, I have found clarity in viva la difference.  I have been aware of a small minority of males who find great pleasure in bizarre clothing and home decoration and a perverted preference for other males over females.  Simply a confusion over God’s mandate for reproduction; nothing to do with gender confusion. They apparently like the sex but are not particular about rules or packaging.


Your president, p*, visited the Saudi Crown Prince yesterday.  We’re pretty sure he went in to beg for oil and we’r also pretty sure he got his a$$ handed to him.  It’s too soon for a good cartoon but this one is significantly representative.


  © Robert Graham