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Monday… The sun is shining.  Golf starts on Wednesday, although not for me.  The course is across the Bay Bridge.  Paying the hefty toll and course fee to play on a rather cool day simply doesn’t compute.  So there.

Beto Mania is the phrase of the day.  Why…?  beats me.  Nondescript.  I need a democrat translator who can explain without the fog and bias of the news interpreters, what exactly makes the man Presidential material.  I know even though PDT has soiled that general descriptor, one does have to grant him the mythical gravitas label.  But Beto…?  

fancy nancy wants to grant voting privileges to 16 year olds.  Sounds horrifying until one considers the millennial crowd who have reached adulthood by the numbers but mentally linger in the 13 -16 year range.  

Question for your Monday morning:  If one opposes antisemitic language or behavior does that make one Islamophobic…?   Why yes, of course it does.  And why exactly is OK to be antisemitic or anti-Christian while any criticism of the religion that sanctions killing of the infidels is condemned in the strongest terms…?  I would love to hear your explanation.  Mine is simple:  democrat.

Did you hear about the over 100 Christians murdered by Muslim militants in Nigeria…?  No…?  How surprising that such a slaughter would go unreported by the interpreters…  About as surprising that a Reuters reporter would agree to hold negative information about the aforementioned Beto until after the election

Hmmmm…. My internal anger detector is alarming.  That means either I sign off or the vitriol level of my keyboard skyrockets…  Oh well Gracie Pearl says she needs attention anyway


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