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Not funny

I lost it when the democrats began to harass Kavanaugh after his statement. I screamed and tantrumed  all over the place.  Stopped just short of throwing my shoe at that despicable idiot from Connecticut, Blumenthal. Each democrat was more disgusting than the last.    I’ve never been a big Linsey Graham fan (despite his last name) but he was magnificent yesterday.  His anger and contempt was real.  

What irony;  the democrats have done their worst but everyone knew they had no scruples or integrity. They’re democrats.  Now if the vote fails it will be because of weak, spineless republicans who absolutely know Kavanaugh is innocent but in their cowardliness, side with the incredible evil farce created by they who shall be unnamed.

I am angry.  I never fail to vote so that cannot be my outlet.  I hope my anger is shared by those who do not regularly vote and are now motivated to condemn the crazed inhumanity of the democrat party.  Sadly I believe the American People have lost the power to think for themselves.  They are activated only by the salacious and sensational.  Once again I celebrate my nearing the state of being old.  

As most of you know, we have have our Grandson living with us as he struggles to find maturity and his way forward.  He is NOT the character in this clip.  He has a job and sincerely wants to achieve independence.  But he is of that generation…  

(from Judy)

aa© Robert Graham 2012