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Not much

to screech about this morning.  It’s a sleepy day cold and rainy.  I may have to take a pre-nap nap. The dogs like cooler weather even when it’s drizzling.  Pearl keeps trying to get Roscoee to play.  He’s almost old himself so he finds the nap preferable to wrestling.  Even when the agitator is a cute little girl.

I know I passed on the smollett case when it came out.  Now I join the others who celebrate the reveal of his hoax.  Tawana Brawley indeed…  It was a classic moment when kamala was confronted with her assertion, echoing the booker claim, that the event was a “modern day lynching” (how interesting they used that same phrase).  She stood there with her brain frozen and mouth open… uh…. uh…. then looked around for someone to help her and then muttered something about waiting for the facts… Yeah. Beware that woman.  She exudes an evil aura… (sorry about the gender assumption)

You may have missed the story about a liberal reporter, Laura Logan, who went on record concerning the new interpreters as overly biased against PDT.  She was immediately attacked and reviled in the good old fashioned democrat way.  How thy can deny bias with a straight face is beyond me.  I am certainly willing to admit mine…

As expected, traces of the Virginia democrat debacle have disappeared.  No one resigned.  No one paid any price.  The leading dems quickly got on record demanding resignations but then just as quickly found other blather to spread.  I guess local republicans have something to use in their campaigns but the corporate memory is very volatile.  The response will be:  huh…?  What about my free stuff…

That do list just won’t go away.  Nag, nag, nag.  It would be easier to ignore if it din’t continue to get longer… bah humbug


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