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Not much

excitement here.  I spent the weekend struggling with how to modify video such that it is viewable during a zoom meeting.  Clearly the quality is dependent on the size of the up-pipe associated with the orginator's internet plan, but the technicalities involved far exceed my minuscule knowledge.  While there is ample discussion available on the WWW, it is all apparently written in ancient Aramaic…

I have enjoyed the gasping, hysterical democrat reaction to the ACB nomination.  I might even characterize the pleasure as having a thrill run up my leg…  And the fact that good ol Mitch will usher her through the thorns and arrows is even more heartening.  

I am not looking forward to the debate.  No matter how it goes PDT will be the loser.  There is a very high probability he will smoke himself.  joey will be amped and well briefed.  There will be some mechanism to prevent his usual tongue tangle . If he prevaricates, the interpreters will cover.  In any event no mind will change.

The fact that I have lost my rationality is evidenced by my agreement to teaching a number of Sunday School lessons starting this week.   I know too little to be lecturing on the subject of Christianity and since I am prohibited from screeching on the topic of democrat condemnation, I must rely on video… See above…

And finally:


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