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Not sure 

where this week has gone.  I recall Sunday and church.  Mei Mei played bells in the church.  I stayed home because that’s what I do.  Then it was Wednesday, yesterday,  when I got my vaccinations… Not Covid but Flu and Shingles. Sore arms and all that. Somewhere between sore arms and Sunday, I wrestled the three part Christmas tree out of the garage.  It isn’t quite assembled in the corner of the family room yet, but it is traumatizing Ladybug our frightened foster.  Dogs don’t like change and this for her is unacceptable.  Humbug she says…

Apparently the first lady elect, is sensitive about her title.  She wants to be Doctor Biden even though she is not an MD or even a Phd… She holds a largely gratuitous doctor of Education degree, earned by wiring a paper for the University of Delaware.  That particular university is highly supportive of the male biden, given his long tenure as senator.  The story is told that little jill, if I my be so bold, tired of seeing mail delivered to Senator and mrs biden and wanted too see mail address to Dr and Sen biden… See here if you care and I agree you should not.


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