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Nothing much to say

I’m busy with the trivia of life.  Yesterday I got the applications and other falderal necessary to renew our passports.  My government wants $110.00 for the privilege of identifying myself as eligible to leave here should the democrats ultimately succeed in trashing what’s left of the country after hussein had his run.  We got the pictures taken, no simple task, and bundled the package of applications, payment and old passports off to Philadelphia.  That we must depend on the USPS for delivery is almost as frightening as depending on an agency based in Philadelphia.

There are Sunday School Class curriculum meetings, Stephen Ministry business and of all things: a golf lesson.  Don’t even get me started on my life with four dogs, each of whom thinks he/she is the center of my life.

I have exhausted cogent comment on Sheriff israel and his band of hapless incompetents.   I am reading a book by Greg Isles, that deals with dark, very evil corruption within and among law enforcement in Louisiana and Mississippi.  His word images are brilliant and stark.  It’s almost as if he took that real life sheriff as the model for the arrogant, self-absorbed characters of his novel.   

I accompanied Joe to a seminar on the Mysteries of Life.  We were encouraged to examine ourselves for potential within, yet unexploited.  What things do we really do well that haven’t consciously emerged.  In my case, after appropriate reflection, I discovered I have a surprising ability to spread butter on my toast.  Since the butter is soft and melts quickly when it hits the warm toast, applying just enough, but not too much, to cover the surface completely is a talent unrealized.  Thus I note it’s never too late in life to learn or in the case of wayward sheriffs, to do amazing leadership.


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