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Nothing much

The TV is getting worse.  The local office for the technician called with questions about the set. After I answered the questions they said the tech would be here today.  Name is Bill, they said.  The real question is what language does he speak.


That’s supposed to be a joke but given the liberal cross wired mentality, it smacks of reality.

Winter is clinging to the last minute.  The daffodils are in full bloom but we had heavy frost this morning.  Poor Harry hates the frost because the deck gets  icy and he just can’t hold his footing.  This morning he got down the ramp but I had to go out and carry him back up.  The only thing he hates more than the icy deck is me carrying him so he fights me all the way.  Frankly I’m not all the keen on it either.  I told him this morning I won’t be able to do that after I get old.

We found a really good landscaper.  He is reasonably priced, shows up when he says he will and does good work. Wow.  How is that possible…?

CNN continues to be the loudspeaker for anything anti-Trump.  Apparently they sent a reporter to Thailand to interview a prostitute who claims to have dirt on PDT.  That said there may be something there.  I’m told the hooker actually swears in Russian and was once thought to have possibly spoken of a Russian billionaire who may have had Manafort’s phone number written on scrap of paper that was torn from a Kremlin phone book allegedly once used by an associate of Putin’s secretary’s personal hair dresser.  Clear enough to me.  Details at 11:00.

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