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We are in preps for the annual gala.  Plans in place to stay in communication with the visiting team via FaceTime and Zoom…  The puzzle creeps along.  It’s an overcast but relatively warm day day here. 

Mentally diminished joey ( hereinafter to be referred to as Pmdj) has reassured the Great American Public that the vaccine will be distributed “ equitably” under his direction. Given that Virginia is ruled and administered by the radical left, I presume that means no one other than BLM supporters need apply.  When I get my welcome home interview from the Savior, will it matter that my soul lacks immunity…?


I know it is fashionable to speak ill of Senate Majority Leader McConnell.  In my opinion he is one of the few politicians who actually serves the electorate.  He threw the $2000 payouts into a bill including the elimination of liability protection for social media and the investigation of voter fraud.  Now the democrats must choose between their "heart felt" sympathy for the suffering of the American public and their aversion to truth and fairness.

Can’t be sure if we are in compliance with lockdown directives.  We will have four persons, four dogs,  two folks and one cat via remote in our party.  We are probably OK unless we pray and this is construed as as a Church service.

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Happy New Year….

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