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I once posted out that senior corporate executives, those at GTE in particular, had little exposure to the real world.  They were driven to and from work in a limousine, went to their opulent offices via private elevator, their every need provided by dedicated staff; at home all shopping was done for them, meals provided and they never associated with anyone but their social equals.  The point being that the world that provided this life for them was an unknown.

Extrapolate that to someone like fancy nan the ripper.  She decries the anarchy and crime whose stench has finally wafted into her posh neighborhood and says I just don't know where that came from…  The ignorance she displays is frightening.  Apparently she never heard about the devastation of Portland, Seattle, Mineapolis or the other riot torn BLM cities who defunded police… And of course there is p* who reads, as only he can, from a teleprompter that the economy is booming and the recovery is the best ever.  How would he know…?  He lives in isolation, in a liberal cocoon; told what to say when to say it, and is protected from the sturm and drang of the decaying society that is America.  This, dear folks. is your national leadership.


Once again, I offer for your edification my medical proficiency.  The wuhan has mutated to the point where  one can get and transmit the disease whether vaccinated on not.  I suspect many have had or now have the bug without even knowing it.  Those who know tell us that the immunity from experiencing the omicron is strong and lasting.  It’s over folks.  Large numbers of people die every day from the flu or even the common cold.  People have died and will continue to do so from the wuhan but apparently none from the omicron…  The only residue from the crisis is the hand wringing of liberals and power grabbing democrats who mourn the passing of this great opportunity to impose upon the common man.(person. whatever…) MASKS FOREVER, BABY.

But more importantly :

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