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Off to San Diego

Won’t be much in the way of posts until we get back.  Since we’ll be in California, we plan to protest something.  Maybe some primal screams in support of the “caravan"; maybe just anguish.  It seems impractical not to take advantage of the air out there.  Who knows where we can be so liberally exposed again.


In the meantime, keep ex-pres hussein in your prayers.  He’s feeling neglected now that the economy is raging.  He wants desperately to be remembered as the guy who started it all.  Chortle… What a doofus. 

Packing for a trip to California is different.  Do they use the same voltage…?  Will I have to take a wind generator to charge the phones?  What language is prevalent…? is it safe to drink the water…?  Do they have water…?  Lots to be concerned about.

OK, clearly I have nothing …

See you on the return… unless we defect…

aa© Robert Graham 2012