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Oh Boy...

uh …. sorry.  Just an expression; not a gender assumption.  I just can’t get started this morning.  

What I was trying to exclaim was the situation in Utah where another misguided teen tried to blow up his school in the name of ISIS.  Law enforcement got him when his bomb fizzled and smoked. 

 Stand by for another burst of banning in response.  Perhaps I could get ahead of this story by proposing that we ban teen-agers.  Yeah I know… Radical.  But face it, teens are trouble.  For starters anyone can buy one without a permit, license or background check.  It most cases they are fully automatic, firing on a hair trigger at anything that smacks of authority. They are notorious consumers of anything edible, Tide Pods for example, and the domicile of the creature is inevitably a garbage pit.  Thus they are indeed a primary source of AGW.  And the language… don’t even get me started on the language…  

Oh… Wait… We already have a program for that.  Geeeesh what was I thinking.  Planned Parenthood already takes care of all that with a well funded program of teenager precursor elimination.

planned parenthood kills people

(A lot of silliness just to get to a punchline)


The TV saga continues.  The repairman showed up yesterday.  He was at a terrible disadvantage because the TV kept restarting.  YEAH.  RIGHT.  THATS WHY YOU ARE HERE… (OK, brief pause to get my blood pressure down).  He asked me if I could work the remote because it wasn’t working for him… YEAH.  RIGHT.  THATS WHY YOU ARE HERE… Phew… this isn’t easy… He then called someone who told him the problem was probably the fibre optic cable.  He said: well, I’ll have to order that so I’ll be back. No diagnostics, no wiggling wires, nothing.  NOT HAPPY.  He didn’t appear to be of Indian ethnicity - what ever that is. What few words he spoke were without accent.  For that matter he seemed to have the intelligence of a flag pole which is atypical of the Indian people.  Perhaps I am overly critical.

When you take your stand on the issues of gun control and the second amendment and you wish to influence others, it’s important that you have an air of credibility and good grasp of the subject.  For example:

I’m off to shoot pixels with my fully automatic magazine.  I’m still a teen ager at heart.

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