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Oh dear...

It was inevitable that the rock of integrity would eventually either wear down or take his character elsewhere.  I fear PDT may not recover from the loss of Mattis.  Those who serve will miss his leadership and strength.  Those of us who now only watch, simply mourn.

I don’t get the wall strategy.  Leaving the the democrats with no out to save face can’t be smart.  My way or the highway depends on having the aces.  And PDT certainly doesn’t have 60 of them.  I guess he thinks (and that may be a huge misnomer) that the country will rise up and demand that democrats righteously see the need for border security and do the correct thing for God and country. Righteous, right thing, God, Country... democrats…?  Yeah.  I don’t get it.


My joy of Friday morning: Kimberly, wrapped up the FBI scam nicely this morning.  She concludes that everything, the who and why and where and when are well known to the congressional committees.  They can’t bring the public on board until PDT declassifies the appropriate and existing smoking guns.  Why he is resisting only two know.  He is one and the other is Devine.  I’ll leave you to decide which is which, at least from a presidential view.

Can you imagine Moses coming down from the mountain and encountering American society… Substitute celebrity for Baal and you wonder what group of people would He send the Levites to kill?

As I search for irony, two targets are easy.  bb hil, of course.  Nacho president… yada, yada… and then there is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez… Cartoons abound and the mockery just rolls off the keyboard.  But think about it… This woman was elected by American voters in spite, or perhaps because, of the idiocy she spews.  She isn’t going away.  She is becoming mainstream.  It just ain’t funny.

The weather precludes playing golf but not enjoyment.  Watch this:

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