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Oh well

I saw my dermatologist this morning and she passed me.  Nothing to excise or freeze.  Always a good thing.  Fortunately she has little insight into my soul.

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As I fetched the paper this morning, I noted the first daffodil had bloomed. Others are right behind.  The cherry tree in front has flowered. I consulted Siri and she confirmed it was still February.  I plan to visit the golf course tomorrow, assuming I can find clubs,and actually attempt to strike a golf ball.  Supposed to be in the 70’s.  February.

Even though I have a flawless background in legalistic speculation and conspiracy, I will admit that the occasion legal detail leaves me confused and baffled.  I have been following a minor event in the Micheal Flynn case: that the judge initially handling the case, suddenly recused himself.  The new Judge, Emmet Sullivan, is famous for having dismantled several Federal Prosecutors who blatantly withheld exculpatory evidence from defendants.  Now said judge had laid down decrees on Mueller and posse about revealing all evidence even though Flynn has already agreed to a guilty plea.  Falling back on my legal speculation expertise and aided mightily by this article from The Federalist, I sense some stirring in the muddy waters of inadequate FISA execution.  Judge Sullivan is not one to take that crap lightly.  I don’t know from nothin’ but if it smells like… uh … stuff … it probably is.  It’s an easy read.  Check it out.

Samsung diagnosed my TV troubles as a bad Connection Box and is sending us a new one.  I won’t detail the agonies of reaching that point but you may assume it was painful.  I was happy to get that action but then a check on the Web revealed that the 5-10 days I was told it would take to receive the package, had in many cases morphed to several weeks…

Good progress with convincing Halley that the dining room rug is not her personal dumping ground.  Hannah was contained for a full day.  Maybe things are looking up.


Just saying…

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