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Top of the stories of the day is the rejection of New York by Amazon.  Deep on the details is greed and avarice as Amazon used the power of the mighty investment $ to coerce tax concessions from NY.  But on the surface is the rejection of the reality of the NY criminal democrat complex.  The union mafia wanted the opportunity to milk funds from the new workers; some had a legitimate concern for the tax situation and then there was the left wing AOC crowd who wanted to shout down capitalism and decry  the exploitation while all the while grinning with glee at the new voters and money available to their cause.  Classic example of screwing with bull and getting the horn.  Makes me almost want to smile if I weren’t such a cynic.  

Amazon actually blamed AOC and suddenly New York has had their eyes opened to what she actually represents.  25,000 jobs are a heavy cross to bear when you need votes to continue your 15 minutes… On the other hand this will all be old news by Sunday…

I said in a few blogs ago that I really hadn’t spent much time worrying about the Smollett claim of assault in Chicago.  I have no idea what he, she (or what ever the transgender, LGBTQXYZ pronoun should be), might have have experienced or made up and frankly the whole episode falls very, very low on the horizon of life crises.  But to put the incident in perspective, I urge you to read Ammo Grrrll this morning. Worth your time.

It’s just another of life’s mysteries that haunt my dreams and will confound me until I finally reach that great Q&A desk just outside the Pearly Gates… I hope it’s outside because if it’s inside … well…  

Anyway how the news interpreters can just acknowledge the now admitted insurrection within the Justice Department and it’s surrogate FBI without screams of pain and steaming demands for accountability, is that issue.  This was a corruption of the very heart and soul of governance.  Yet they are OK with the attempted coup and subversion of the rule of law  They were so besotted with the clinton mystique and/or hatred that they would allow the ego infested hussein administration to set all of this up and almost execute it.  If that isn’t truly frightening then doom is exactly what we deserve.  The answer of just being…democrat.. is insufficient.  The scheme that still continues in the form of the Mueller travesty is worthy of a Stalin in the magnitude of its evil. 


Sorry.  My blood pressure is interrupting my cybernetics.  Is it really too early for scotch… Did the makers of that rule have to deal with democrats…?   I think not.

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