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On line but temporarily

I needed a break while I was attempting to master some C.S. Lewis material.  His book "Mere Christianity" is the topic of our Sunday School class, and as one of the discussion leaders, I am expected to understand Lewis’ very dense and highly esoteric sentence structure.  If you have read his children stories, believe when I say this isn’t that sort of prose.  In any case I have weathered the stress of two of my three sessions and have a three week break before I dive into those waters again.

In my absence from this page, the wind from the left and their news interpreter enablers, continues to blow foul.  Apparently either no one from the left ever reads this page or, God forbid, no one cares what I think… Apparently I, just as C.S. Lewis, experience the horror of Pride.

I have neglected to comment on the “soda straw” issue.  It seemed so silly and trivial that I even by passed some wonderful cartoons. I need to point out the city councilman from Santa Barbara, who declared in defense of the straw ban enacted by the city council: “we need to regulate every aspect of people’s lives.” as the turning point in treating the issue differently. 

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Then there is the bombast of the news interpreters as PDT trolls them along over their continually negative coverage of everything conservative.  They, the high and mighty, are greatly offended at being called names or suffering implications of unfairness, as they daily hose the president with streams of sewage.  


I called AOL for help with reestablishing my deleted email account.  The heavily accented help line person said he/she/it/xe understood exactly what my issue was but because I did not have a paid AOL account he/she/it/xe (whatever) could and would not help me. Yeah… And that’s why I hate AOL and have for years. That I actually called the help line is indicative of the exhaustion of all my technical know how on this matter.  Fortunately my anger at the response, triggered a synapse or two and I suddenly recalled some basic set up I had overlooked.  I went back in at the nitty level and got it all set up again.  If were not so enmeshed and intertwined in my on-line life I would have abandoned it long ago.

Finally, this:


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