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On my way

to see the surgeon for basal cell removal from my nose and upper lip.  Maybe I could get a nip and tuck on my chicken neck… Should be fun.

In case you were wondering…


Speaking of which, several folks have suggested just sending the team from Chick-fil-a . Problem solved in 6 hours


As everyone should know by now p* put vp* in charge of the Border crises.  No one is entirely sure as to why… Was it to give her a project she can only fail or an attempt to make her look “Presidential”…?  In any case, what was her response…?  Was it to go immediately to the scene and take charge…? or did she issue some vp* orders to her staff…?  Well actually she and Mr vp* whined about repairs to her vp* mansion preventing her from moving in as they took temporary residence at the Blair House..  Poor baby…  But she’ll get right on it as soon as she has unpacked her bags…


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