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One for the road...

Busy day as we tie up matters in order to leave tomorrow.  We will be in Charleston tomorrow to see an old friend, attend church with him on Sunday and then move on over to Kiawah… In the mean time we have foster dogs to deliver to sitters, and various missions to complete, ending with dinner with Joe and Bonnie.  Mowing the lawn is one mission, as is a drive to church to be sure the Sunday School is ready to lurch on without us.  Blogging may be light unless we get a lot of rain.  Forecast looks iffy…

My outrage meter is stuck against the full peg.  No particular subject… the democrats continue to scream and block every attempt to audit the election results.  Why would they do that if everything was fair and  hunky-dory as they claim… Yeah…. right… p* demonstrates over and over that age has taken its full measure.  How sad is it when he admits to the world press that he’ll “get in trouble" if he tries to speak.  What president in history ever said anything like that…?  Of course this:

I have little confidence that sleazy schumer won’t somehow get his revolution past the sleeping senate…  Manchin likes to talk tough but I detect the wobble in his conviction…Don’t get me started on the republicans.

SCOTUS apparently supported Christian values but as I read the experts analysis, the victory was very narrow.  Will the Baker have to bake that cake…?  

Finally since I will miss the cartoons tomorrow, this one:

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