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Other dimensions

Our local congressional rep, a democrat, said in a newspaper interview that she had seen enough to vote to impeach the President.  The idiocy of the statement speaks for itself.  I will write her a letter to ask exactly what she has seen and how her statement conforms to the the concept of American Justice.  I suspect her answer will give me pause… I may just not vote for her.

The cartoons this morning at PowerLine are pretty good.  Too many good ones to extract.  Well, this one made me laugh out loud...


In case you read of my “suicide” in the near future, disregard.  This is the letter I just sent my democrat representative:

The Honorable Representative Luria

534 Cannon HOB

Washington, DC 20515

RE: Statements quoted  in The Virginian-Pilot

Dear Representative Luria,

I was shocked to read your comments in the Virginian-Pilot this morning.  You have made assumptions and drawn conclusions concerning the impeachment of the President of the United States that amount to pre-judging the outcome of a judicial process.

Every citizen is entitled to due process which includes offering witnesses in defense and to face one’s accusers.  Thus far no such opportunities have been provided to the President.  Yet you have declared you will vote for impeachment.

This partisan behavior on your part is hardly consistent with the traditions of fair minded service as an elected Representative. 

Shame on you for this disgrace.


aa© Robert Graham 2012