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Overcast, rain likely

Might as well start with the facts.  I’m very likely to wander afield…

Quiet weekend.  First of all I had to lead Sunday School.  They refer to me as the teacher, but trust me, when you are speaking with 80+ year olds who have studied the Bible all of their lives, there is no teaching involved.  In any case the prep for that is all consuming.  And of course, on the other side of the coin, I needed to achieve rank 50 with the Dead Orbit guy in order to be granted the catalyst for the Graviton Lance.  I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how important that achievement is… 

I for one, enjoyed PDT’s performance at the G7 enormously.  Recall hussein’s camera hogging, clown boy countenance…?  PDT just chewed up the gas bag press releases and went for the jugular.  Except for their silly civil rights laws, I have always enjoyed the company of Canadians. But, as bellicose and crude and our President may be, he put that little wimp trudeau in his proper place along side the other kindergarteners.

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Health has leveled out.  Not getting better until I stop the flood from my sinus.  At 11:30 today I will be going to the medical office where I hope to burn the liver of an albino albatross to gain relief. 

I noticed in the news that that mental giant Robert DeNiro articulately critiqued the performance of PDT.  He shouted F#$% Trump on live TV. His audience cheered loudly.  


Yeah, I’m sure PDT winced in agony as the pain of such words stuck deep in his soul.  Or maybe not…

An in other news, just when I thought I was secure in my worldly understanding, I find that IHOP has changed it’s name to IHOB… International House of …. Burgers…?  Is nothing sacred…?

Speaking of sacred, one more…


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