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The V_P published a NYT article this morning about how the NFL has come entangled in the American flag.  The Large American flags displayed on the field during the Anthem; the military flyovers; the lip service to the veterans; all of those are political statements.  Or so says the author and the question posed is why is football now so politically oriented…?  Published nearby were the reports of blistering democrat criticism of PDT’s action to protect and defend the American people.  Contrast that sad attitude with this video…


We started taking down the Christmas stuff yesterday.  Always a lot harder to take down and put away.  Not sure what we are going to do with the massive Christmas tree.  Personally, I think it looks great right where it is, but there is some spousal resistance.  

I don’t watch any award shows.  I am especially disgusted by those celebrating Hollywood performers. As I understand it there was such a show on resented hosted by Ricky Gervais.  I find him to be distastefully funny so when I ran across the opportunity to hear his opening monologue I did so.  The fact that the audience clearly was uncomfortable with his mockery of them was quite enjoyable and he was even somewhat funny.  Here is a link if you want to watch

Fancy nancy wants to put limits on the President’s power to defend the United States.  She is a very silly woman, if I may be allowed to assume her gender.  Hopefully after the November election she will be irrelevant.  Actually she already is that but the news interpreters keep propping her up along with RBG but that’s for another entry…

If we could speak, I would be interested in what exactly you think Iran will do in retaliation for the assassination of their lead terrorist.  I think it is pretty clear to anyone watching that PDT would relish the chance to diminish the population of their leadership.  Israel might join in to dispatch bits and pieces of nuclear facilities.  Fun for all.


Got to get back to work… whatever that is.

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