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That’s a song I recall by Helen Reddy, but according to the PowerLine guys was originated by Kenny Rankin.  Song Here.  Anyway, Steve and Kathleen spent part of Friday and Saturday with us.  Steve, as he does when he visits, finished a number of needed repairs including the sliding door off the back.  That door that needed three men and a dog to open now glides effortlessly on the tracks.  

We are getting a new foster today.  Halo is a seven year old male given up by a family who cannot afford his medical care and for other personal issues.  He is a pure bred, registered Golden, a rarity in the rescue business.  He is already in serious danger of being a foster failure.

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I fear the constant news stream of the red wave in November.  I saw some numbers on a FOX  show the other day that showed the Republicans gaining perhaps 20 seats.  That would give a majority but isn’t what the news interpreters are implying.  The Senate actually show a lean towards democrat control.  The situation smells a bit like the Georgia Senate races two years ago where control of the senate hung in the balance and the Republicans led in every poll except the final count.  xPDT was the cause and he is still out there keeping the dems in the race.

It would seem that the corporate media, the news interpreters, see 2024 as the bigger threat.  They are pushing hard to dump p*.  Rumors of his failing health will soon make the rounds.  I know they are whispering in his ear: “Don’t make us start reporting on Hunter…”

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