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Pent up

OK, my intense anger has receded to  a mild simmering.  I do have an occasional opinion, and two readers, perhaps the only two, are sufficiently bored with the covid life that they want to read this tripe.

Back in the day of wooden ships and Iron men, some of us were subject to the wisdom of the Kindly Old Gentleman, Hyman G. Rickover.  Within his realm, whenever the slightest deviation from protocol occurred, an incident report would be generated.  Some were more significant than others of course, but a spill of life endangering radioactive material or the failure to note a burned out indicator bulb, both generated the same report. 

 A key proviso within the documentation was the identification of the “root cause”. The root case was not a description of the circumstances.  It was rather the underlying failure of training or leadership or even design, that created the conditions allowing the incident to occur.

So the ingrained training leads me to examine the root cause of the impeachment of xPDT.  At a glance one would say that the intemperate words generated by the quixotic  personality of the then President, caused the riotous behavior of the protestors.  

Why were the protestors there in the first place…?  They were there because they believed that the election process was unfair, corrupt and had led to an improper result.  Almost every participant believed he/she/it had been shown the smoking gun of election fraud and they were mad as hell. Their anger was  exacerbated  because the prevailing argument among the news interpreters was:  balderdash, there was no evidence of election malfeasance.  

Had the news interpreters simply taken on the task of proving there was no fraud, there would have been no protestors.  But instead the response was show ME the evidence and by the way thou shalt not discuss this any further on pain of social media banning and forcible silencing of thy voice.  In other words: just shut up.  

And so the root cause was the democrats and their obedient servants, the interpreters, yelling lalalala, I can’t hear you…

And dats da name of dat tune…

  © Robert Graham