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Perhaps al got it right...

The warming is back on.  Already up to 37 degrees.  The geothermal is frolicking in a BTU orgy out there.  Yeah not so in the mid-west but they are all deplorable and anyway this is all about me.

 I do have sympathy for my sister but she is mad at me, accusing me of, can you imagine, sarcasm.  She is immersed in family history and was passing me details when she misinterpreted my interest for the aforementioned characteristic. 

Apparently the democrats suffer from non copus mentis when dealing with issues that illuminate the the agenda.  fancy nancy, when asked about the northam advocacy of post birth abortion suggested she hadn’t heard abut that… That she was asked at all was a grave violation of news interpreter protocol.  Never-the-less the scramble is on to cover, re-imagine and reinterpret the words both he and the idiot Tran spoke on recorded media available to anyone to hear.  What I meant was… Oh, you simply misheard the words I actually said.

Interesting that the details of late term abortion are always glossed over.  They don’t talk of the crushing of the skull of the living human being or the bloody dissection of the body in order to salvage the parts for sale elsewhere.  

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We are in trouble.  Pearl is becoming quite imbedded here.  My stance is we don’t want to adopt a young dog in who might outlive us thus causing a problem for the family.  Pearl is so shy and laid back… she is actually a perfect dog for us.  She is always near by but makes no demands.  I am sure if I were mean to her she would just lick my hand and say please sir may I have some more…

So spartacus is in the race.  He has no shame.   No regrets for his past behavior or the hypocrisy of it all. Should be fun to see how he matches off against the “no more private insurance” stance of she who shall not be named…

See what I’m dealing with

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