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The whispers continue to indicate the great Conservative Hope, the IG Report, will fizzle.  I have already predicted that but never the less, I am depressed at the thought.  We of the group  so far to the right we almost overlap the left, have counted on this retribution for so long, anything less than a complete colonic irrigation of the FBI will be disaster. Oh well…

Peggy Noonan’s Saturday column is titled: “Trump’s Defenders have No Defense” .  If you have read my words in the past, you know I am not a fan.  Within the column she makes easy work of Lt Col Vindman.  His self-righteous snobbery offends even Peggy.  But she dwells on the collection of testifiers making the dems case by repetition of innuendo that must not be ignored.  That of course is the goal of schiff, et al. She doesn’t bother to enumerate the specific crimes for which PDT must be impeached.  She just celebrates the "Deep State” attempt to clear the muck away from the White House.  I am not a fan.

The cartoons were pretty good this morning.  A couple amused me enough I will plagiarize for my use here:


And in the silly category:

IMG 2236

IN the honorable mention category:

And of course, the recurring...

Go Navy.  Beat SMU

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