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Weekends are God’s gift.  To be properly grateful one should vegetate between naps, watching non-stop golf on TV while consuming beverages and non-nutritional junk food, preferably loaded with empty calories and salt. 

 Our weekend was altogether too busy and so we left undone those thing we ought to have done.  ’61 dinner on Friday, Agape social on Saturday, a highly controversial church conference on Sunday, right at dinnertime. And in between rain showers I mowed the the thigh deep pampas which masqueraded as a lawn…  Consequently this morning I am exhausted; not in a good place mentally. Consequently, I disavow all slanderous, racist, right wing barbarian things I may say later in todays edition of mindless rambling.

Sadly, over the weekend a wild cougar attacked two men on trail bikes, killing one and injuring the other, who apparently was the faster of the two while trying to escape (old joke).  My heart is heavy and I really don’t want to politicize such tragedy, but the question is begged… How long must we wait for common-sense trail bike control laws before we come to our senses…?

Hannah, Grandson Matthew’s little terrier who has resided here for the better part of 8 months, is on track to return home.  Hannah has been a source of entertainment and exercise what with her raucous jaunts around the neighborhood with grumbling, almost-old people in lukewarm pursuit.  That she is going home is a good thing at many levels and we celebrate not the departure so much as the arrival.


The glaring hypocrisy and arrogance of the DOJ/FBI counter-Trump insurgency and their news interpreter bed mates is simply sickening to contemplate.  The FBI planted a spy in a presidential campaign staff for no other reason than hate for the candidate.  Clearly this entirely illegal and obscene effort was mandated, directed, and papered over carefully by hussein and his bureaucratic thugs.  bb hil, already a known, albeit unindicted,  criminal, cannot wash the blood from her hands. The democrats, rather than acknowledge the constitutional outrage they fostered are trying desperately to run out the clock in hopes that the mid-terms will put them in charge of investigations.  A proper press would fry these bastards in the fetid greasy slime of their lies and prevarications.  But, tragically, only history will call them to account, assuming we survive long enough for history to be written.

Last week, after considerable effort and long hours at the console, I won the coveted Exotic Sword. It is particularly potent and effective when one must work off frustration and anger by annihilating many many pixels.  Off I go…

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