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Just part of the roof.  Did not realize how many valleys and peaks we have.

Peggy Noonan is a featured columnist even Friday in the WSJ.  For the life of me I cannot understand her appeal.  She is virulently ant-Trump and her inner democrat runs very close to the surface.  Yet she is featured as a  “Conservative” voice.  This morning she called PDT out as insane… I guess I don’t have to read the column so It’s my fault if I get upset.

The Brothers Four were a popular group back in the day when lyrics were comprehensible and the music  pleasant to the ear.  One of their last concerts as they aged out was in Tokyo.  The recording of the event is known as the Toyko Tapes.  For some reason the CD is just not available from the usual sources. I finally located it as a used CD available on an obscure web site.  I cannot get enough of those songs. Here’s a sample for your listening pleasure:

 You remember Beto right…?  He one of the weird dems who gets to be on stage during debates.  Apparently he spilled the secret strategy of gun confiscation during the last debate.  These guys just parody themselves:


Here’s the bizarre one  the Saturday Cartoons:


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