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Pleasant Monday

morning.  Actually suppose to be in the 80’s today.  Not holding my breath for Golf Wednesday.  Frost likely if history holds.

As usual when the kids visit, the weekend is gone in a flash.  We didn’t see much of them because Ashlyn was in a cheering contest.  It’s a very competitive sport run by the parents.  The rules are strict on costuming and appearance. Apparently because of the involvement of parents in the scheduling, everything runs on time.  Unusual in kids sports. Ashlyn’s team came in 2nd place.

In other news hussein came out of hibernation to address a somnolent crowd in Berlin, referring to himself 467 times.  Someone excerpted the references to put on a video.  It takes over 4 minutes to run.  And they say PDT is egocentric…

So the group identified as congressional democrats known for their sweeping victories over do-nothing republicans now sit as legislators.  They differentiate themselves from their predecessors by doing something.  Not something for we the people but something.  Whining… wailing… screeching… stamping their little feet in tantrum… Not only did their Great White Hope, the SpecProc, let them down, they can’t seem to get hold of PDT’s tax returns… Will life ever be fair…?  If they spent a fraction of the time fixing the border crisis as they do denying it, they might be heroes to even the likes of me.  But no danger of that.

We have sort of been following the progress of Virginia in the NCAA basketball tournament.  While They and Auburn played for a spot in the finals, we were at dinner with the kids.  When we got home, there were 20 seconds left on the clock and Virginia trailed by 2 points.  Then there 12 seconds and Virginia trailed by four.  The game being over, I walked out of the room.  Accordingly I missed all the excitement resulting in a controversial Virginia win…  But then I’m the guy who turned off the election returns when bb hil won Virginia, declaring PDT as a sure loser.  I have some guaranteed stock tips if you have money to toss…

The news interpreters spew their anti-Trump effluent in a constant stream.  Then they wonder why they are called fake news… When PDT threatened to close the border, the story of the day was how the avocado shortage would decimate America… 


Yeah…I know… pretty weak ending… I blame  the pollen count….


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