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I have been very bad about blogging.  Simple enough though… I have little to say. The self-parody of the democrats cannot improved on. I mean they are beating up on hussein… I can’t top that.  I’ve got nothing.  

Anyway we have been busy what with a leaky roof, an epidemic of runny dog poop, an aging air conditioning system that has failed twice in the last week causing not only discomfort but costs on a catastrophic level.  Don’t even get me started on the freezer disaster resulting in the total loss of contents…

So on to the cartoons of the week as published by PowerLine and picked over by me…

First up is the Baltimore situation where no one questions that the city is a rat infested, garbage dump with the highest murder rate in the country.   Doesn’t matter that brainless bernie said it first… The problem is PDT said it. 

IMG 0259

Then the ones that made me laugh:

IMG 1925


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