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President’s Day

What does that even mean…  I’d say this:


But then the current guy can’t keep his stupid tweet shut.  If it weren’t for Trump, I’d be a big Trump fan.

Overall a bad weekend.  The escapist went for another romp Sunday morning.  God’s Grace notwithstanding, the receptionist at the Gates of Hell probably has me down for expedited entry, given my language and funk.  Then Mei Mei lost an expensive piece of jewelry.  The new TV has issues like restarting itself every 3 minutes and the sole method of control, the Remote no longer does.   Halley is a bright spot, but not being housebroken is a downer.  Trying to housebreak a dog  when the weather is wet and rainy, without resorting to whips and chains, is a challenge.  Funk

If my aura wasn’t so black I would be amused.  Linsey Vonn ( Tiger Woods ex-lover), who said in a quite unpolitical way (read with Irony) that she wouldn’t accept a visit to the White House for congratulations.  As it turned out she didn’t even come close to medaling.  When someone pointed out that now she was off the hook; her performance wouldn’t rate an invite anyway, the liberals went nuts, accusing everyone of wishing evil on an American Hero(ine).  Sigh…

My state of mind suffers me to question the hand-wringing from democrats et al, as they they collectively blame the NRA and the gun clinging, bible thumping right for the loss of the children.  When Planned Parenthood rips apart unborn children for profit, where are the wails for justice, the soul rending cries at the unjustified murder of innocents…?  Somehow lost behind the giggles and applause at the celebratory cocktail parties and fund raisers…? Yeah.  Spare me, please.  


Byron York puts some perspective on the Mueller indictments. The timing of the Mueller reveal is convenient.  As the FBI suffers yet another face-palming failure, the news of heroic indictments is released, driving leadership corruption and incompetence in the field out of the few headlines where is appeared.

A few days ago I excused the local FBI for missing signals on the South Florida catastrophe.  I take  that back.  Here is a rather harsh assessment of the FBI in National Review.  Among other nuggets:

 “The FBI has a budget of $3.5 billion, almost all of which goes to salaries, benefits, and other personnel costs. Do you know how many employees the FBI field office in South Florida has? It has more than 1,000. Do you know how many employees the FBI has in total? It has 35,158 employees. It has 13,084 agents and 3,100 intelligence analysts. And not one of them could pick up the phone to forward vital intelligence gathered by the grueling investigative work of picking up the phone and taking a tip from a tipster.

Don’t even get me started on the Minnesota self-confessed terrorist who was released by the Fibbies.  

That all should bring a SWAT team to my door any time now.  Fortunately I am guarded by a pack of Dire Wolves, bloody fangs exposed in defense my freedom of speech.  Well, ok, maybe just a group of soft hearted democrats lying about quietly until the next meal is offered.  

It’s typical this morning that I was hailed urgently by text and email to visit my Sentara Health Portal for an important message.  I shakily entered my credentials and opened the page.  There was nothing. wooooo… Is it scary anticipation of problems to come…? They do monitor my bionic heart accessory while I sleep… Or is it that someone read this stuff I publish and anticipated the arrival of the men in white coats at my door…  Yeah.  I’m going with the latter.

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