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Pretty Chilly

31 degrees.  Yeah… I like to whine.

Do you think the LGBTxyz crap has gotten out of control…? OK.  I offer this story without comment other than.. What tha….?


It appeared the democrats were going to pass some sort of resolution condemning Anti-semitism… Yeah.  Not so fast… Apparently they needed to soften it because…. well you know… democrat.  They celebrate the diversity of anti-semitics in their population along with anti-Americans, anti-life and offer full support of the brain dead as a significant contributing lobby.  Thus it is difficult to resolve against their component parts… 

I see where Bernie has signed the democrat loyalty pledge.   That makes about as much sense as anything else he advocates. He is an Independent who is loyal to the democrats…? Btw is case you don’t know what socialism is:

Back to my lesson plan.  That defection is looking better and better... except it’s cold out and quite frankly there is no Ecuadorian Embassy near by.  Might be easier to just  find a foster family to adopt me.

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