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In my perturbed way of thinking, some thing are more important than others.  For example: the upcoming Army-Navy game takes precedence over almost everything going on around here, even pixel smashing. A party is in the offing and the house must be made ready, drinks procured yada, yada.  But in the grander arena of the real world as portrayed by the news interpretation, the priorities are set by the wokeness of the situation.  Thus the trial of some third rate actor for lying to the police over an incident that should not have traveled past the local gossip column moves p* and his bumbling incompetence over Iran, Ukraine, national crime explosions and crashing the economy into irrelevance. Of course now that the jury verdict was out of synch with the expectations of the elite ruling class, some new crises will have to be found. This video was on PowerLine.  If you watch it, not only will you see the black community perspective, but you will laugh out loud:

Tomorrow Navy (3-8) will play football against Army (8-3).  Not looking good for the old blue and gold.  But stranger things have happened.  xPDT beat the wicked witch...

Well I beat the Grasp of Avarice dungeon and earned the coveted Gjallarhorn Rocket launcher. Pretty excited.  Not reality of course but pixels beware...

Gjallarhorn detail

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