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You see our problem as conservatives is we simply don’t take people at their word anymore.  I mean the Russians strongly deny they were the hackers who got into every government account.  Isn’t that good enough…? Shouldn’t we redirect our attention to say the… oh I don’t know… Perhaps is was the Mormon Church… I didn’t see any denials from them.  And this business of hunter biden being corrupt…?  Just last night under intense and vicious questioning from the very fair minded steven colbert, the pres-elect and his live in doctor vehemently defended their son from all wrong doing… Good enough you would think… Then there is this business of election fraud…. Why I have it on the very best of authority, the Speaker of the House, that no such thing occurred… enough said.  After all:

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On the domestic front, I finally cut the cord, so to speak, with DirecTV.  They didn’t want to see me go and offered all kinds of incentives not to cancel, including no rate increase for 12 months.  At least I think that is what they offered.  The man (pardon my gender assumption) on the phone had a strong accent, perhaps from southeastern Spain.  So now I use  a new device known as Roku through which I receive a stream from Hulu including live TV and more movies and other stuff than we will ever watch.  All at a cost of about 1/3 DirecTV.

The tree is up and some of the lights work.  The outside lights are beautiful unless it rains.  The fosters are not pleased with the Christmas arrangements.  Change is not welcome in the GR community.

In case you were wondering, my life continues even in the absence of a PS 5, surprising as that may seem.

  © Robert Graham