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PDT’s “listening” yesterday was absolutely masterful.  He came off as a President.  If he could just keep his tweet shut and act like that more often, even CNN would have to notice.  Anyone else impressed by how articulate the young folks were…?  

FOX was covering the White House when I turned it on.  "The Five" morphed in as the session closed out and they began to discuss what was said by the attendee.  It was a good thoughtful discussion until it came to Juan Williams, the designated liberal.  Generally I forgive Juan his lunacy because he is paid to voice the liberal line; further he is supportive of the Military and appears to be a good Christian.  But on the subject of gun control he is an out of his mind fanatic.  His view of the violence problem is that it is caused by guns.  No other action will solve it short of taking all guns away.  Thus is defined the liberal insanity in our country and the reason good people cannot get to good solutions.

The appreciation of what Billy Graham did for our world, was unfortunately overshadowed by the events of the day.  I lack the skills to even begin to describe what his ministry meant to millions of people and his memory deserves so much more than a passing tribute as we move on ... to other news.  Thus I segue to my point:

Blaming the violence problem on the NRA, 2nd amendment or semi-automatic high powered rifles is so myopic and irrelevant, it could only come from damaged souls. Fact: For generations, the parents of even these well spoken and thoughtful kids haven't attended worship; reject God; Haven't sent their kids to Sunday School and have abandoned the one binding element in the human community: Faith.  There was a time when faith and family were primary and in those times, children were safe from the dangers we see on the streets in major cities and the schools across the country.  Faith and the mind corrosion that accepts Evil are antithetical.  As one diminishes the other dominates.

Go ahead.  Pass more laws.  Mandate and demonstrate.  I’m sure Evil will take notice.  

I got this from Mike this morning.  Right on cue...

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