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What’s the date…?  Did I miss Christmas…?  I just can’t keep up.


I don’t have anything to add to the above.  I just liked the cartoon.

Steve, Kathleen and Megan arrived in Jakarta yesterday.  Here’s a shot of them sitting in the lounge area of the Grand Graham Resort….


They are off to Bali soon.  Apparently Steve has little fear of the Gov’t shutdown looming over the world.

Sarah Sanders does a fantastic job of handing the nattering nabobs of news naysayers. (tip of the hat to former VP Agnew)   She is on my list of greatly admired conservative women.


I have a friend, gender unspecified, who is a fan of the ingenuity of Google.  I myself consider the entity to be at the top of the list of evil corruption, whose prime motive is the total elimination of any shred of privacy among the general population in satisfaction of corporate greed.  I say this even as I know my words are being funneled into the mix already identified for elimination.  Case in point:


I earned  good husband points by solving Mei Mei’s FitBit problem.  It was displaying the wrong date.  I fixed it by setting it up properly using the app.  Will that be enough to get me through Christmas or do I still have to get that special gift…  Sigh… I already know the answer and it’s going to cost me.

Roscoe seems lonely:

IMG 1688

I once got Mei Mei a puppy for Christmas.  Actually Judy got the puppy.  I just took credit for it.  That was Paisley.  She was one of a kind.  No way are we equipped for a puppy at this stage of life and neither is Roscoe.  After all, at 10 going on 11,  he is almost old.

How many days passed while I was spewing this… Too many.  I’ve got a to get a handle on this time thing.

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