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Playing in a golf outing for Kiwanis today to have to be brief.  It's kind of rainy so it may or may not happen anyway.

Roof is 99.999% done.  They still need to haul away the roll-off with the debris and there is one corner that doesn’t look quite right.  Hard to inspect a roof job to be sure the work was what you paid for.  Based on the mess they made, there was substantial work.  It did rain last night and the inside seems dry.  Is that the measure…?

The insanity of the dems continued last night.  I watched a little football and then went to bed.  According to those whose opinion I value, it was more of the same rhetoric concerning how much better it would be for the government to just take all of your money and decide what is best… yeah…


Evidently because joey got through it all without a major gaff or falling asleep, he was declared the winner.

My Lady Kimberly wrote a brilliant column this morning pointing out how the timing of the obviously deliberate leak about the recalled Russian spy points to the extremes to which the radicals within the FBI will go in order divert attention from their criminality.  Here’s hoping the long awaited InspGen report isn’t a dud ala Mueller… I so desperately want to see perp marches from all those involved in the traitorous debacle.

New video game coming today.  Border Lands 3.  BL players are a cult.  Its’ a very silly game based on very silly story line, with very silly characters.  And yet…  Can’t wait.  

New foster dog coming tomorrow, as Ginger, departs to her new forever home.  The new dog is a young male from Turkey who had an issue requiring amputation of some toes on one foot.  We are receiving him as he is just recovering from the surgery.  His devotion to the radical causes of Islam has not been determined.  Having two Turkey dogs in the house simultaneously may be a risk.  Gracie Pearl is still demanding that we pay the Jizya tax of the non-believer… Who knows where this goes if she gets a confederate…

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