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I had a full morning with meetings and taking Pearl to the vet.  

Because I am such an expert of matters of the Church (irony. please), I wanted to post relative to the Methodist Conference vote yesterday. The outcome was a positive on affirming and reinforcing the words in the Discipline that brand homosexual behavior incompatible with the Church, forbids same sex marriages and homosexual clergy.  In other words the Church maintained it’s very traditional doctrine.  The margin of the vote was not overwhelming but significant.  As I pointed out earlier it was strong opposition from those delegations from outside the US that carried the day.  I, as a traditionalist, OKA an almost old person, celebrate the courage of the delegates who faced enormous LGBTXYZ social pressure to adapt. 

If one takes seriously the news interpreters version of the issue and outcome, one would think there will be an immediate and disastrous rending of the UMC.  In point of fact there is already a schism between the so-call progressive churches and the traditional.  That the ruling body of the UMC now declares to enforce the deviations from the Disciplne with stronger measures may drive those churches from the fold.  Then the financially motivated lawsuits will begin relative to who owns the property and pays the pensions.  It ain’t pretty but the UMC is better off than those denominations who gave in to the social pressure and suffered the disarray.

Pearl got a clean bill of health and will sometime this week change her name to Gracie Pearl.

God Bless PDT in his mission for peace in Hanoi.  

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