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because I still have miles to go before my lesson for tomorrow is anywhere near to being ready.

The cartoons at PowerLine (link is there) this morning were excellent. I’ll steal some examples.


Maybe not excellent but appealing to my bizarre sense of humor:


I watched FBI director Wray’s response to the IG report.  Although he stated repeatedly that he accepts the findings and will implement the recommendations, it was clear from his body language and easy words he does not and probably will not.  The pervasive rot of the democrat cult is deeply saturated within the FBI and particularly the DOJ.  How does it matter if 5, 10 or even 50 people were identified as unlawfully biased though their words and even perhaps terminated, if no-one is willing to understand the problem.  We of the Rickover years often refer to treating the symptom while the root problem rages on. The DOJ administers justice only to those whose politics do not conform.  Laws are what they determine them to be and applied in whatever way suits the bent of the prosecutors.  Yeah, I know, over generalization and unfair to the many who are dedicated.  yada, yada… My point is supported repeatedly in high profile cases.  The evidence is only highlighted when the rare valid investigation comes to light. Read this article by Andrew McCarty (link is there) who says it so much better than I. 

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I am exhausted at this point.  Golf yesterday was 9 holes too far.  My outrage over the state of Justice contributes to my breakdown.  A text from that classic mindless FBI weasel Strzok that said: (of PDT’s election) “We’ll stop it” only came to light in the IG report.  Why didn’t Congress know of this insurrection on the part of the Head of the Counterintelligence Division of the FBI…?  THE DOJ REDACTED THE WORDS when the documents were given to Congress. REDACTED.  Why…?  What excuse can be given…?  On this incident alone I rest my case.

The really good news continues to be that in spite of the glaring and putrid corruption, we have PDT. And for that I continually thank GOD ALMIGHTY.


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