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Weekend.  Kuhns had us over for tasty hot turkey sandwiches.  Yum.  Nice evening.

Football was memorable.  Virginia over Virginia Tech; Auburn over Alabama;  Navy won a tight defensive battle over Houston 55-41.  Not sure how to make the political analogy … Are the democrats the underdogs or is PDT…? 

Lee Child’s character, Jack Reacher is always entertaining.  He is an itinerant former Army officer; WP graduate, having served in the Military Police.  Each story, and there are many, has him entering a new town, with only the clothes on his back and a few dollars in his pocket.  Somehow he engages crime, beats up most of the bad guys and leaves on the next bus.  In the latest story he murders half the town as he takes out competing criminal gangs.  The murders are unapologetic and quite brazen.  No accounting is made for the families or life circumstances of the the victims.  The only concession to political correctness was the competing gangs were not black or hispanic: they were Ukrainian and Albanian.  Rather bizarre story and obviously a social commentary.  With Reacher moving from just fists to head shots, the link to PDT taking out his adversaries must be obvious.  Still I hesitate…

Every Thanksgiving, Scott entertains the expat crowd and others.  The Graham Resort hosts literally hundreds for turkey and the fixings.  The turkeys are imported and are very expensive. I have forgotten how many he said they prepared but it was on the order of a dozen.  They have teams who deep fry the birds and teams who carve.  Unbelievable production… A snapshot of part of the crowd below:


Stuff to do.  It’s cyber Monday after all

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