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The Lames left yesterday after a breakfast of EB and fresh scones… My life has come down to making that specific breakfast and pixel control.  Oh yeah… I love the occasional dog as well.

Speaking of which… Remi met his forever family on Sunday.  A lovely couple who seeks out medically challenged dogs to adopt were interviewed by Remi and were enthusiastically accepted.  He will leave us on Saturday amongst our tears…

By now you know the mayor  of Portland went on a insanely flamboyant rant blaming PDT for what he the mayor allowed to happen to Portland.  

Our language is without the the vocabulary to properly describe the depth and breadth of the Trump Derangement among the left.  


And within the left I include democrats and the news interpreters.  Case in point: man murdered in Portland in cold blood.  The description of the man in always preceded by “right wing”.  When have the rioters been assigned to the left…?


I am not in a position to judge how people are handling the Cold crises after all these months.  It seems from my limited view of the horizon that the panic and fear are concentrated in the younger generations while the older age groups just want to get on with their lives.  Restaurants, movies, church, kids in school… jobs. Clearly the bureaucrats and the karens enjoy the power they have taken by emergency decree.  Not clear to me what events will be needed to rollback that power.  I suspect bloodshed will be involved.


Pixels are trickling out of my TV set and threatening my sanity and life as I know it… I can and will take action…

  © Robert Graham