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Quiet overcast and drizzle

is the climate description this morning.  It’s a cheap shot but reminds me of the p* brain…

I have this everlasting question:  are things as bad as I read them to be or is it really the case that most folks just want to get one with it before the expiration date catches up.  Case in point: the LBGTQxyz falderal… How any people are we talking about anyway…?  It can’t be too many and my unsupported guess is that a good portion of those are pretending.  On the other hand I did once attend a Bette Midler concert… Wow… There were a lot of attendees who were not of my community… A lot.


It’s pretty clear me that p* has no innate, hard held principles of his own. His guiding philosophy in the near term seems to be just not xPDT.  If Trump did it or said it or caused to happen, he is against that.  I suppose I was pretty much in the same way when bo was president.  Against.  I wonder how the elites of the G7 perceive the man… Do they see the emptiness of character… I can’t imagine he is fooling anybody and isn’t that sad…?

And finally this for vp*… God bless all the fodder she provides:

I enjoyed a MacCallan 12 last night.  REALLY enjoyed.  Can’t even begin to tell you how my accuracy on the pixel range improves after a dram or two…


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