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Quote of the day

The abasement of the p* debacle brings this quote from Bernard Lewis (via Mark Steyn) into focus:  America risks being seen as harmless as an enemy, and treacherous as a friend.

Watch this in action as China invades Taiwan and the Russians finish taking Ukraine… Where will p* place the blame…?  Where will he hide…?  Perhaps behind the generous skirts of the Defense Department and JCS as they continue to prioritize climate change and the hunting down of white rage…

The cartoons were brutal this morning as was much of the radical right wing opinion I read every day.  I can’t add value.  

My words are inadequate to express the humiliation and shame poured upon us by a mentally mouldering pretend leader of the free world… 81,000,000 voters wanted this?  Yeah right…  I would truly take the idiocy of vp* in place of this incompetence. 

Let this be his legacy:

  © Robert Graham