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Raining again 

The dogs are not happy.  Hard to do your thing in the rain.  Very dreary as well; but fabulous for napping.

The story of amy klobuchar berating her staff for failure to provide utensils for her salad was in the NYT. I guess the point of the story was that she is a dictatorial boss. In lieu of the missing fork she decided to eat with her comb… OK… to me that’s the story.  Eating with a comb she took from her purse…? Ummm tasty… How far is that from wiping your server with a cloth…? 

You can tell already it’s not going to be a happy blog today.  Even the cartoons were mediocre… There were a couple of good ones… On the smollett case:


 The focus for the PowerLine guys was bernie … but bernie, like AOC, is too easy so I skim over those. 

WSJ had a long article about apps that provide personal data to FaceBook.  In some cases the data is provided even if the user has no FB account.  I am not terribly disturbed because I figure that FB and google have all they need on me.  I have been besieged by ads for Senior retirement facilities.  Clearly the data miners think I need to be put away.

OK here are the ones that amused me:

IMG 1301

And finally:

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