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have been few of late.  I have run out of ways to critique p* although there are ample graphics:

I try on occasion to imagine the scenario where he gets re-elected.  Although that thought hurt my head, sadly, it’s  not without possibility. As wise folks have said: never underestimate the stupidity of the American electorate. Or the conniving evil of social and so-called mainstream media.

There is no doubt that the p* pick for SCOTUS will be confirmed. Clearly there is nothing she can say that is disqualifying.  To wit:

In other news, Scott reported that Kayla will hear from the ROTC folks on Tuesday.  Their decision will determine her school choice. True to her God given, family reinforced values, she wants a conservative school n a Red state.  How sad is is that commentary on higher education…?

Roscoe is having great difficulty getting to his feet.  I have ordered a rear harness for him.  He has trouble getting up and I have trouble bending over to lift him. We are pretty close to the same age and physical condition.

Is this funny or is it the painful truth…?

OK.  One more

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