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Rare indeed

For the sun doth shine upon our very wet land… But for ow long…?  Golf starts in three weeks and I doubt the floods will have receded…

I have two advanced degrees, neither in the medical field but never-the-less I feel qualified as an “expert".  I base that feeling on the quotes from “experts” whose conclusions are varied and at odds with each other no matter the topic.  Dr fauci is a prime example of contradictory messaging about almost every aspect of the wuhan crises.  Masks are irrelevant; masks are good; double masks are necessary; yada, yada.  In my “expert” opinion the old maxim that says all generalities are false, including this one, holds true.  My current heroine, Gov. Kristi is probably a true expert based on her observation: "COVID didn’t crush the economy, government crushed the economy".

So are you looking forward to the the passage of the much heralded Wuhan relief bill?  I know I am.  $2000, baby… Thats what its all about.  who cares about the other $1.5T… Yeah sure it feeds the democrat corruption machine and makes teachers unions and planned parenthood rich beyond their dreams but how is that more important than free stuff…?  Perspective, people, perspective… 

Poor old coumo.  He didn’t do anything that biden didn’t do… Well, except for covering up the murder of 15,000 seniors.  His problem is that in the eyes of the democrat interpreters, murder of seniors is fine - they’re going to die anyway, but he is a nasty piece of work and without Trump to blame they needed some blood.  He is a wonderful target.


Why are democrats such a cesspool of sexual harassment…?

  © Robert Graham